Bed & Breakfast

We offer accommodation and a stay in a unique 1700′s setting. With a historic atmosphere in a natural environment, we guarantee the memorable moments.
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Weddings & Functions

  We tailor make your wedding day together with you. Our memorial services give you a chance to reflect in a unique setting.    
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Conference & Events

With us, you’ll get to meet in a unique environment and be undisturbed in your conversations and thoughts. Perfect for board meetings, private business lunches etc.
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Dinners & Meetings

Let us serve you a menu that you yourselves have taken part in deciding on or let us surprise you. We both cook and takes in catering, depending on the number of guests and requests regarding the menu.
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Our ServicesThese are our services

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Activities You can do all this here


We invite you to absorb the history of the place and listen to Ruders' history and about the previous owners.

Golf Courses

Nearby you'll find great golf courses in a relaxing environment.

Mushroom picking

During the Autumn we arrange guided mushroom picking tours that are concluded with a dinner including a sauce made of the day's forest finds at the manor house.

Crane Spotting

The highlight of the year at Lake Hornborga - the crane dance!

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Latest News Some news from Ruder

Vi välkomnar SAJ till Ruder05.11.2016 Sveriges äldsta talarförmedling som drivs av Stefan & Anna Jonsson i Hjo flyttar in på Ruder och kommer att utgå...
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Jul på Ruder05.11.2016 Varmt välkommen på årets Julbord som presenteras av vår kock Lars Karlsson med personal. Njut av en härlig miljö, glögg...
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Dagens lunch på Ruders Egendom05.11.2016 Under november och december serverar vi lunch på Ruder. Måndag till fredag 12-14. Lunchmenyn finns i SLA och uppdateras här...
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